Autumn’s Forest Critter

Followers of the blog may remember that back in August 2017 I went on holiday to Wales with friends, and crafting happened. My friend Emma had her first try at crocheting a square. It didn’t go exactly according to plan*, but I saved it to use as part of something else so Emma and I could collaborate on a critter.  It turned out to be my first completed project of 2018.

I made the feet following a pattern from the Imaginarium (see captions above for details). At one point I read the pattern and found a bit where I thought, Why are you doing that? That can’t possibly work.** But I trusted the pattern and learned how to get the crochet to bend in a way that I thought was impossible. I love it when that happens! I’ve barely scratched the surface with this book, so I imagine I will be using it a lot more*** for the Travelling Monsters project.

This forest critter has become a welcome-to-the world-present for Emma’s baby daughter, Autumn. I hope they will be lifelong friends!

Have you got any samples or tryout pieces you could turn into something else? I’d love to see the results!

* Emma successfully crocheted a square on her second go.

** You can work into slip stitches. Who knew? Not me.

*** If you want to see other creations from the book, look for #edsflipbook on instagram, twitter, etc…

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