Pointy Sticks

Look everybody! I have gone to the pointy side! Actual evidence of me knitting*. I am doing it pretty badly, and painfully slowly but I am doing it.

I need to make some tiny Clangers for a project I have in mind. And Clangers have to be knitted, not crocheted, because they are. And I decided that since my knitting is so abysmal I’d better practice on some regular size Clangers first. And then I thought of a project for the regular size Clangers that I’m pretty excited about. I am also trying to get about a billion other projects done, so it’s a process.

If you’re not aware of the delight that is the Clangers, here’s an episode from the new series** with Granny in a knitting competition with a machine made by Major Clanger. Enjoy!

*as opposed to crocheting.

** The original series (1969 – 1972) was the work of genius Oliver Postgate. Mercifully, the new series in 2015 kept the handmade aesthetic and stop motion animation of the original.

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