For Goodness Snakes

Calling all knitters, crocheters and stitchers! For goodness sakes, make some hissy hissy snakes. Sorry, that’s been writhing around in my brain and escaped to the page.

Here’s a fun project for a good cause (also great for using up yarn scraps). Make a snake, be part of a world record attempt and raise money for Alzheimer’s Research. For more information, see the Alzheimer’s Research website and visit the very friendly Slither Of Snakes Facebook page. Free patterns are available.

I’m crocheting an adder, trying to get its snakeskin design right without a pattern, using spiral amigurumi style crochet*. Also, it’s outside my usual style and skillset to try and make something that looks real(ish).   So far it’s turning out a bit like something from cakewrecks only with yarn.

I’ve been persuaded to press on for now.  I hope the adder will turn out ok, but even if it’s not great, it can still be part of the world record attempt. And there’s always the next snake to make. I’m thinking rainbow serpent. And then maybe Quetzalcoatl. Maybe one snake for each continent…

*I thought about using crocodile stitch for the scales, but actually the crochet stitches represent scales quite nicely.

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