Brimstone Butterfly

I saw Stealing Beauty years ago and the thing I remember most about it was Liv Tyler’s character writing short poems, tearing them out of her notebook and putting them in a jar – an almost throwaway act of creation.  More recently, on The Great Pottery Throwdown, the contestants were challenged to make 5 teapots in 5 minutes.* The rules were that the teapot had to have a lid, a handle and a spout, hold water and be able to pour it out. There was no expectation that they’d be anywhere near perfect or even pretty, but all the teapots had the most tremendous character and energy. The two things go together in my head, because I love the idea of creating something fast and fun with no judgement and no expectation of perfection.

So, I thought I’d try to make something just for me every day, before I make things for other people (including Travelling Monsters).** I soon found out I massively underestimated the time it takes to make something small, and that I was still fighting my perfectionism. My first attempt at a daily make was a Brimstone butterfly. And I think my first mistake was to work from something real, as I inevitably want to get it “right”. I based my butterfly on this image from the Fleet Pond blog.

So, new rules for the daily make:

  • I make one thing, or work for half an hour on something just for me.
  • No unravelling? (I’m going to find this one hard to stick to!)

I may not manage it every day. I cheated on this one because I made him last week and have been waiting for the motivation and the sunlight to take some photos. I’ll post these in the optimistically-named Daily Makes category.

* Who knew Johnny Vegas had a degree in ceramics?

** A bit like that thing in the airplane safety announcements where you’re supposed to put on your own oxygen mask before helping anybody else.

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