This is daily make #3. I am still cheating, because it took me a few days to make. For this one I worked from memory (unlike the Brimstone Butterfly), so it would be my impression of a dragonfly. That way there’s less pressure to get it “right”.

However, I decided that I needed some dark, iridescent, faceted beads for the eyes. I’d either seen them somewhere in the house or totally imagined them, so at least an hour went into searching every bead stash in the place* to try to find them. No joy, but I found these earrings (yep, I used to wear them) and took a couple of the beads off. Then I decided that the beads looked crap and buttons were surprisingly way better anyway.


Into the daily make jar it goes. When I have enough I may do a bit of yarnbombing.

* There are many. So many.

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