Lovely crafter friend Tattysquawk noticed that I’d broken out my pompom maker, and suggested that I might like to help out on a charity world record event, with a target of 7000 pompoms. Since I was fully in the grip of pompomania, it was perfect serendipity!

I remember reading somewhere about falling in love with colours, especially colours that you wouldn’t usually use. That definitely happened to me. There was a pale blue that came from a friend’s late mother’s stash. Initially I thought it was really boring, but as I was winding, I noticed it had a subtle, almost iridescent colouring, shading through lilac and pale green and a beautiful sheen. I hope Dave‘s mum would approve of the use of her lovely wool.

The other thing I noticed was that my worth ethic latched on to the pompom-making the same way as it did onto making snakes. I stopped taking rest breaks, and doing my own daily makes. I prioritised “work” over my health. Since this is part of what made me sick in the first place, it’s something I still need to work on.

Huge congratulations to all the pombadiers, who ended making 8200 pompoms in total! We have to wait a while to find out if we officially get the world record, but you can see the flufftastic pompom garlands on the Facebook page.

UK makers – click here to find your local resource exchange/scrap centre. They are amazing places and great sources of inspiration!

*This is the Hellbeast. It was taken a year ago, so she’s a lot bigger now.

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