Scrappy Monster

The multicoloured scrap ball in the process of becoming a critter.

There’s been a request for a new travelling monster, and I’ve got ball of yarn scraps, so time to make a multicoloured snorfly thing!

The scraps remind me of end of day glass, where glass workers would create something to use up the leftover bits of molten glass. These items were often multicoloured, and sometimes whimsical.

This makes me realise how much yarn I’d be throwing away if I just ditched all of these little pieces. Also, I need to learn and use either the magic knot or the Russian join as I’ve just been tying the bits together with granny knots*.


* I’m probably not going to get the needle out every time I want to join another scrap, so it will be magic knot, although the Russian join looks excellent for when you need to change colours or join a new yarn in big crochet/knitting pieces.

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