Aughra Cosplay: Costume

Beware, gentle reader, for within this post lurk terrible atrocities: hacking, slashing, ham-fisted misuse of a sewing machine. Yep, it’s time for me to confess my crimes against sewing in my 3 day panic make of my Aughra costume for NineWorlds 2017. As per my previous post on making the mask, this is most definitely not a “how to” article. But I do have a top tip on using bog chain from Homebase. Venture on to the photo captions… if you dare.

It’s far from perfect, but I learned a lot and I was massively thrilled that some fellow Dark Crystal fans recognised me/Aughra. Thank you and big hugs to all the lovely folks who shared stories and kind words with me.

If anybody has photos of me going full Aughra at NineWorlds, I’d be very happy and very grateful if you would send them my way!

Next up: my top tips for cosplay in a hurry, or how I’d do it next time having made a shedload of mistakes this time.


Simplicity do some really great patterns for LARP and cosplay, that aren’t too hard. Or that can be ventured on with a reasonable amount of blissfully ignorant optimism, and still turn out alright. My partner made his LARP shirt (used in this cosplay) with pretty much zero sewing experience. Watch out for the sizes. If you’re an adult working with a Misses pattern, you may well need to size it up. Try knocking up the bodice in cheap cotton or even paper to test the fit first.

Here’s the black lace panel I got from The Range. The Snazaroo facepaint also came from there, but you can get it in lots of places.

The Barry M nail polish came from superdrug, but is also available elsewhere.

This is the chain I was using from Homebase. Bargain bling.

The belt was a one-off ebay auction purchase, but it still had a Per Una label on it.

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