Aughra Cosplay: Mask

Three days before the NineWorlds geekfest I decided to make some ambitious and untested cosplay. There’s nothing like panicking about a ridiculous goal before you go to a strenuous event*, and also I am an idiot.

I was feeling dumpy and grumpy, and I have a deep and abiding love from my childhood for the Dark Crystal**, so I chose to do Aughra. I didn’t have time to research anything or make a meticulous recreation. I aimed for a general impression of Aughraness***.

I started with the mask. This definitely isn’t a “how to” post, as I was making it up as I went along, and I suspect there is a better way to do almost everything I did. But if you’re curious about how I did it, click through on the pics below for details.


I was going to ditch this as too crap to wear, but was persuaded otherwise. Big thank yous to everyone who gave me encouragement, and an extra one for Clare for looking at it critically and suggesting some tweaks that made all the difference.

Next up : the rest of the outfit, and confessions of my crimes against sewing.

* I always have a blast at Nineworlds, but with ME/cfs it is a high level activity. Totally worth it.

** It’s an 80’s  fantasy film for kids, but surprisingly dark. Jim Henson’s workshop made all the characters and creatures. It’s currently available on Netflix.

*** I have an abysmal memory so I used a reference picture, but it’s not like anyone at the con is going around with a screenshot for comparison purposes.

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