Ten Cats

March has begun and I still have a virus. But I made it to my target of 10 cats (some kittens) for the Kilometer of Cats and Kittens Alzheimer’s Resarch charity project.  I’d like to think my knitting has improved with practice, but the evidence is against me. My crochet squares are pretty awful too.  (I’m going to blame the lurgy.) Still, I’m pretty happy with the way the kitties turned out, so take heart any fellow wonky square-makers out there. Make that cat anyway!

I’ll be off to the post office with them as soon as I can persuade the Hellbeast to pull a sleigh through the snowpocalypse.*

If this is your kind of thing and you want to help with the fundraising, there are patterns for knitting, crocheting and sewing cats (and kittens) here, and the Facebook group is here.

*That’s what we call it in Southern England when we’ve seen a snowflake.

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