Basket Case

Making all the cats for the Alzheimer’s Research project got me pondering – how about some cat ear headbands for the shop? I started making one in super chunky purple yarn, which is soft to the touch, but very stiff when crocheted. I just wasn’t feeling it while I was making the headband, and when I was almost finished, I realised I’d managed to make a very lumpy, ugly and uncomfortable thing. But…

I had another idea for the yarn I was using, that relied on the rigidness of the crocheted fabric, and that I was excited about. So I gleefully unravelled the headband (and ears).  That’s one of the great things about yarncraft – you don’t waste too much if you change your mind! I’ve started on a storage basket, inspired by my complete inability to find any laundry baskets I like that aren’t hugely expensive. This isn’t going to be quite large enough for that, but it’s the biggest thing I’ve crocheted so far. It’s still a work in progress. This is what I’ve got.

I’m not entirely sure what size or shape it will end up when I’m done, as I’m exploring as I go to see what the yarn can do. It may or may not have a lid or handles or pompoms. What do you think of it so far?

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