DRÖNA Jumper

Did I mention that all my yarn craft stuff has moved to a new IKEA KALLAX unit? So excited that I can play around organising my supplies, and can get to them all easily! IKEA also make DRÖNA storage boxes that fit the unit exactly. They come in lots of different colours and some prints, but, well, they’re just not woolly enough. So here’s my experiment in making a crocheted  DRÖNA cover.


I even had my first attempt at blocking, and on acrylic yarn, too. After a bit of googling I ended up using a steam iron on a medium heat, first hovering it over the crochet, and then dabbing it on gently. Beware – it is possible to destroy acrylic doing this if the iron is too hot. I am using very chunky yarn here.

The DRÖNA jumper will be in the shop soon!

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