50 Yards Of Cotton Cord

After making the storage basket with chunky yarn, I wanted to experiment with other materials to get a stiffer fabric so I can make even bigger baskets!  I do have a tendency to go a bit mad when I get a new idea in my head, but this time I reined myself in and ordered  a small amount (50 yards) of 4mm cotton cord to experiment with (from this etsy shop – look at all the pretty colours*). So glad I did!

I’ve never really measured how many metres of yarn I’m using for a project. I was kind of shocked how quickly I used up the cord!

I’ll be selling this in the etsy shop for less than the cost of the materials.

I started working out how much 10mm rope I’d need if I was going to make a laundry basket 50cm diameter and 1m high. As a rough calculation**, I’d need at least 200m if I was just coiling the rope to use as a core to crochet around. So, way more than that if I was actually crocheting with it. That makes that idea prohibitively expensive. But I do have some other ideas up my sleeve. Possibly literally…

*If you are after coloured cotton cord or rope, particularly on big reels, The Craft Twinery is another great source.

** Done in my head in bed at 2 o’clock in the morning. Radius of basket = 0.25m.
2 x π x r 6 x 0.25m = 1.5m circumference of basket.
If rope thickness is 10mm, need 100 coils to make a basket 1m high. 100 x 1.5m = 150m
Add on room for error, doing the bottom of the basket and maybe a lid and you’re going to need at least 200m.

I still need to work out the ratio of radius of circle to yarn used to crochet it.

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