Rope Core Basket

For basket experiment #5, I used 10mm blue polypropylene rope as a strengthening core. I ordered 30m to experiment with. Besides being a very pretty colour, and cheap, it is truly horrible stuff to work with. At first it started trying to unravel itself and then the 3 separate strands wound themselves into knots that I couldn’t untwist. After a while it behaved itself, I have no idea why.

At one point I had to cut the rope to sort it out. This is when I found out that holding it in the gas ring on the hob doesn’t really work to seal the ends. Instead you end up with a huge, blue, blobby mess and a kitchen full of horrible fumes. Luckily, YouTube came to the rescue with this handy tutorial.

I was aiming to make a basket that was rigid enough to be used as a basket one way up and a footstool the other way, but this still didn’t work. Although the rope itself is quite stiff, the yarn crochet stitches are a point of flexibility. I think the only way to get the crochet tough enough to allow someone to rest their feet on it is to crochet with the rope itself.

Although the basket didn’t also work as a footstool, it works pretty well for crochet critter containment! It’s now available in the etsy shop.

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