Chunky Crochet Critter Interlude

I’ve got plans for more basket experiments, but I had a bunch of unfinished crochet critters that needed my attention, so I took a few days to complete them. They’re all made with chunky yarn, mostly with chenille (aka baby blanket yarn). The two rabbits are presents and are made to the same adapted pattern as Velveteen. The two cats are for the Kilometer of Cats & Kittens charity fundraiser, using the free pattern provided. The monster is a new recruit for the Travelling Monsters project. She started out as a square that was supposed to be turned into a rabbit, but the fabric was too thick to make it work.


Once again, chenille yarn is lovely to crochet with, but a nightmare to unravel,  or to use for sewing or embroidery. I messed up again when unpicking stitches to move arms and ears on the rabbits, and cut through the crochet. I ended up having to learn a lot about repair work. Hopefully, their intended humans will still like them.

The monster needs a name, but she will be heading out on her adventures soon.

Now to get my spoons together to start on another rag basket. It involves a little ramp up at the start for me, as I’ll be cutting the rag yarn, with my brand new rotary cutter.

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