Holiday 2018 Part 1 – Tokyo

This year, my partner, my travelling monster Mr Bobbles*, and I went to Japan. We had a two base holiday in Tokyo and Kyoto, and I took about a bazillion photos*.  Since this is a making things blog, I’ll try and keep the pics relevant, but one or two monkey photos might sneak in. Also, Japan is amazing and inspiring and just so different to what I see everyday as a Southern Englander, I have to share some of the architecture and gardens and crafts and clothes and food and so many other things.  Here is part #1, showing a few glimpses of Tokyo.

* Mr. Bobbles will have his own post over at Travelling Monsters soon.

** Ok not a bazilllion, but over a thousand, so close enough.

*** If you want to see a UNI-CUB in action, take at look at this video by Ok Go!

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