Happy 2019!

Happy New Year, folks!

It’s been a while, because I’ve been letting stupid things block me. Sometimes I set myself these unhelpful rules and barricades and then don’t realise that I can just zip right round them if I want to. I stopped blogging because I thought I should complete my posts on my holiday in Japan before I wrote about crafting again. But I crashed really hard after the trip*. Sorting through the photos and looking up the related information was exhausting and I found myself just avoiding it instead of using techniques I know can help me.

Here’s my checklist for next time this happens.

  1. Is this “should” really important? Or is just stopping you from getting anything done?
  2. Can you break the “should” down into smaller, manageable bits?
  3. Can you use the pomodoro technique or similar to work on it? (E.g. work on it for 20 minutes, do something else for 40 minutes, repeat as needed.)

Maybe others will find this helpful too?

I didn’t blog during the second half of last year, but I was still making things. Here’s most of the projects I completed in 2018. It’s encouraging to see it all in one place. I experimented a fair bit with materials and techniques, I made more of my own patterns, and I learned a lot.

One of the biggest things I (re)learned was that there’s no point me making something if my heart’s not in it. There has to be some emotion, excitement, or inspiration there or it just doesn’t work.

There’s a few things missing that I gave away and didn’t have time to photograph. Also, this doesn’t include the stuff languishing on Incomplete Project Mountain  – so you can guess some of my crafting goals for this year.

All the best for 2019, friends, and keep on crafting! It’s good for you.

*ME/cfs. So frustrating.

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