Done and Undone

I’ve been fairly quiet on the blog, but pretty busy making things. I had a commission through the etsy shop for a superhero colour-themed basket made from recycled clothes. That gave me a chance to further refine my processes for turning clothes into yarn. It’s all about doing the minimum needed for the best results. You can see how it was made, and get some tips on instagram.

Since I started crocheting, over 10 years ago, I’ve made things that need to hold their structure like toys and baskets, which means I’ve mostly worked in double crochet (single if you use US terminology). I’m now branching out into textiles, and learning new stitches is energising me and kind of blowing my mind.

It’s making me realise how different a yarn looks depending what stitch you use with it, so now I can obsess about how to bring out the best in each. Of course, that gives me a whole new source of anxiety about finding the perfect project for each yarn. For example, here’s Cygnet’s gorgeous Boho Spirit in different colourways and different stitches.

And now I need to finish those scarves, as soon as I order some more yarn…

Meanwhile I had a little inner rebellion that I hadn’t made anything for me. So, I made this from various bits of Caron Cakes and Aldi’s aran yarn, following the Revival Crochet Triangle Scarf free pattern. Sort of. There’s an accompanying video tutorial here. Very relaxing once you get the hang of the technique.

Meanwhile, the pyschic pressure of all the things languishing on Unfinished Project Mountain and in various other stashes is getting to me, so I’m going to tackle things one or two at a time until they’re done. I need to clear my head and my workspace before I can create new things!

It’s going to take all my resolve to be good, because meanwhile this gorgeous, sparkly Glitterbium yarn (this year’s Ytterbium/Eastercon special edition) from Third Vault Yarns is waiting for me to find it the perfect project….

Wish me luck! Maybe the days can be for getting stuff finished and evenings can be tinkering time…

Note: Beachy Keen scarf video tutorial here. It makes the coolest 3D seashell shapes! It’s another one where once you have the hang of the stitch, you don’t need to follow a pattern.

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