Free Hat Patterns

My partner’s dad is staying with us for a bit, passing through from warmer climes. The temperature’s plummeted here and he doesn’t have a hat, so I went looking for patterns for men. I rather liked the Winston Hat, a free pattern from Crochet Paradise.

I used navy and red Drops Alpaca, left over from other projects. It’s a fine yarn, so I doubled it up to get a DK weight. I also used an Aldi aran yarn cake (wool/acrylic mix I think) in white and blue and a 4mm hook.** The patterns aren’t all perfect in the joins around the back, but I’ve had feedback that it fits and is warm and soft, so job done.

I made my sister a scarf for her birthday, in Cygnet Boho Spirit in Folk, using waffle stitch and a 5mm hook. (I think. I really need to get better at documenting this stuff.)

So I decided to make her a matching hat as Christmas pressie. I used the free Delight Hat pattern from the hobbii website. I think I ended up using a 5.5 hook to get the right gauge. The faux fur pompom is on a popper, so it’s detachable.***

Hats are fun. You get to make a whole, useful thing without it taking forever. I’ll definitely make some more!

*somewhat hampered by European border closures, raising of the COVID tier level, impending lockdown and Brexit

**eventually, after a false start and a couple of gauge swatches.

*** who knew you could get these? I only found out because I was looking for a fur pompom and found this one.

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