Mini Robins and Stockings

I tried out a couple more free festive patterns.

This supercute robin from Lucy Ravenscar is so teeny! I made it as directed, but then later changed the eyes from embroidery to beads. Embroidery is really not my forte, and I like the way the shiny beads give him a little twinkle in his eyes.

So teeny!
Embroidered eyes.
Beady eyes

I had a little tinker to make a bigger robin by doubling up my DK yarn and using a 4mm hook. I also experimented with moving the white up closer to the head. One of the pics shows exactly how crap my embroidery is, and what a big difference little details make! My first go I made the beak with a double strand of yarn too, and it was far too clumsy. The second one is made with just a single strand. After I took the photo I went back and fixed the dodgy one and gave him beady eyes too.

Slightly bigger birdy. I used 2 different shades of brown on the main body, and I rather like the effect.
What a difference the details make! Also, comparing the double DK robin to the single.
Gotta have a tree pic!

The other pattern I’ve been playing with is this dinky stocking pattern from Sewrella, perfect for popping in a little cash for my niece and nephews. I made the stocking a few rows longer at the top as I wanted to turn it over and give it a proper cuff. These would make lovely tree or pressie decorations, or garlands!

Playing around with yarns and embroidered names and initials.
One package all ready to go!
And another. The robins and the stockings can be hung on the tree once the parcel is opened.

Crocheting some little gifts helps me feel a bit more festive. What works for you?

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