Just Keep Swimming Days 11 – 20

I’m creating a crochet window display during lockdown, to keep myself sane and hopefully to cheer up passersby, followers and fellow crafters. I only use free patterns, and share all my links here. The roundup for the first 10 days (January 6th – 15th) is here. I share my progress on instagram, too.

Crocheting has been in fits and starts this last week or so, so for some of the fishies I can’t exactly say which day they were made.

Day 11 – 12: To be honest, I think I came up with the theme of this lockdown just to have an excuse to make this adorable puffer fish from Vanessa Mooncie’s pattern. Unfortunately the command hook I’m using to hang him from wasn’t strong enough. He fell down and the Hellbeast took him for some muddy “adventures” in the garden. He’ll be back after he’s had a little swim in the washing machine. I can’t remember where the rather strange (bouclĂ©?) yarn came from. The colours are a bit fantastical, but I little the mottled effect it gives to suggest speckled skin.*

*I used it for my chicken on the 2020 lockdown window.

Days 13 – 20:

Had a bit of a go at this knitted fish by Johanna Elliot on ravelry, got to the part where you have to start knitting in the round with 3 double pointed needles, watched part of a YouTube tutorial on that, and decided to revisit it when I’ve got a bit more brain power and energy.

I’m a big cephalopod fan, so you know I’ve got to have some in my window! This little cuttlefish pattern by Bunny Swarm was quick and easy. I used an Aldi rainbow yarn cake to give her a multicoloured skin, and a 3.5mm hook. I’m lucky enough to have seen some in the UK while scuba diving. Some of us were so excited, we even developed our own hand signal to show that we’d spotted one.

On dives, you often see shoals of teeny fish flashing in the sun near the surface. This pattern from Animation on ravelry is perfect for representing them. I unravelled my failed attempt at knitting, and used my hobbii Universe yarn to give them a little bit of a colour gradient and some sparkle. Used a 3mm hook. I only had enough teeny tiny eyes to make 3 for now.

Love this angel fish pattern from Asmi Handmade. Wanted to represent a banner fish, see pic below (by Raja Ampat, info and licensing details available here) so I added a couple of bits on the tail and fin. Didn’t get the stripes quite right, but I’m happy with the result. Left the mouth off as I’m aiming for halfway towards realism, and I didn’t think I could embroider it in a way that didn’t look cartoonish.

I will share a pic once I get them up in the window!

This lockdown really seems to be hitting us all hard this time round. Hang in there friends. Find your joy and just keep swimming.

Pattern list:

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