March of the Snakes

If you’ve been following the blog recently you’ll know I’ve been struggling with crocheting an adder for Alzheimer’s Research, who are making a world record attempt with knitted, crocheted and sewn snakes.

I’ve finally realised the biggest mistake I’ve been making is losing sight of why I was doing this in the first place – to help a charity, not wrestle with my own ego and perfectionism. So, I’ve decided to stop hissing about and devote the rest of March to making as many snakes as I can. I’ll allow 3 days at the end to finish my adder.

Sevinç Bayram posted a picture of a lovely milk snake she’d made on the Slither of Snakes Facebook page. Since this plays to all my strengths (i.e. stripes that go around the shape, not along it) I decided to steal her idea be inspired by this to make a rainbow version for my first snake, and here he is. My crochet mojo is still deserting me a bit in that the jagged stripe joins aren’t entirely hidden underneath, but he is done.

And now over to Kermit to sing us out.

ETA: I have named this snake Sniddy after a toy I had as a kid. (I couldn’t pronounce “Sidney”.)

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