The Making of Ziggy

Here’s #3 in the March of the Snakes – Ziggy. I wanted to use chevron crochet as it’s a nice snaky pattern, and to me the obvious way to do it was to make a flat piece and then roll it up and stitch it together.

Poor old Ziggy had a bit of a troubled creation, where quite a few things I was sure I had done really carefully and got right, I got wrong. He reminded me of a time years ago, when I did a woodworking course and had to make a sawhorse. It almost broke me. I did everything I could to measure it, mark it up and chisel it out precisely, but one of the joints was the worst I’d ever made. Luckily, I had amazing tutors, and I learned how to patch a wobbly, badly cut joint almost invisibly. I definitely learn more when things go wrong, even if I rail against it at the time. Learning to fix mistakes is so reassuring, as you don’t have to rely on being perfect to make something complete and good!

Here is Ziggy’s story (click on thumbnail for text).

To summarise: stitched body twice (not paying attention), stitched head on twice (failure to measure despite measuring several times), crocheted head zigzag twice (failure in unpicking). Still, I’m pretty happy with the way he turned out. I hope Slither of Snakes like him! On to the next one. I need to get cracking if I’m going to send them a decent number of serpents by the end of the month.

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