Free Star Patterns

I tried out two free star patterns. You are supposed to block and starch both of these. For some reason* I have a weird aversion to using starch on crochet items**, so instead I make 2 and crochet them together around the edges to give more rigidity.

First up, this lovely little star by Persia Lou. Here’s my attempt with the two crocheted together, and a picot stitch on the points. It is blocked, but without the starch it looks more flower than star.

This pattern came from Bhooked and works better. (US terminology) When crocheting this together, I put three dc stitches in each point.

These are quick to make and would make cute garlands or decorations for the tree, or for pressies.

*fear maybe? Or maybe I feel like it works against the properties of the material. Either way, it’s just not for me.

**which means I miss out on some incredible snowflakes.

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