Lockdown Display Roundup Days 21 – 30

This is part 3 of my roundup of all the free patterns I used in my 2020 lockdown window display. Here are part 1 and part 2.

Day 21: 12th April 2020, Easter Sunday. Had to have an egg, and an egg needs a chick hatching from it. This adorable pattern is from Crochet 365 Knit Too.

My little guy came out looking a bit worried. Maybe he wanted to go back in his shell for a bit. (I think we could all relate.)

I made the egg by following the body pattern to row 10 for the top half, and then added a picot edge.

For the bottom half, I used a standard amigurumi circle increase to 24 stitches,
Round 1: 6dc into magic circle
Round 2: 2DC every stitch 3:
Round 3: DC, DC, 2DC, repeat til end of round
Round 4: DC DC, DC, 2DC repeat etc.
A few rounds of 24 stitches, finish with picot edge.

Day 22: These beautiful and very realistic bumblebees from sonspopkes.com called to me. Here’s my attempt. She didn’t make it onto the collage, though until the next day (ME/cfs again).

Day 23: My bee needed somewhere to sit. Time for the the Wagon Wheel crochet flower by Bhooked.

Day 24: People in the care and medical professions were having to wear masks all day, and it was making their ears really sore. Various communities started up seeking volunteers to make ear savers (aka mask adapters). This pattern from Melu Crochet used crochet flowers instead of buttons, which was handy as it there was a run on buttons of the right size! While I was making some of these, I made an extra flower for the display.

Day 25: The lace background had now grown to the full height of my window. I added the crochet flower from the previous day, the freestyled rainbow that was the inspiration for the whole thing, and a little butterfly experiment from my stash. (Sometimes I just didn’t have the spoons to crochet a new thing every day.)

Day 26: Fancied a bit of fun, so I chose this cute little female gnome pattern from Stella’s Yarn Universe. My crojo was really messed up at this time, so I was staying away from larger projects.

The pattern says she’s called Gunhild, but I wanted an appropriate guardian for my little crochet collage garden, so mine is named Greta in honour of Ms. Thunberg.

Day 27: I started trying to alternate critters and plants. I chose this mushroom appliqué pattern from Genuine Mudpie. The markings are done with glow in the dark yarn. The glowing pic is a bit pants.

Days 28 – 30: The Facebook Group For The Love Of Scrubs* called for help making scrubs and bags. My sewing isn’t up to making actual clothes for other people, but my partner and I spent a couple of days making scrubs bags out of second hand duvets from my ridiculous fabric stash. This tutorial for people without overlockers by Daisynics Recipes & DIY Crafts was very handy.

I have a good friend who was working in the ICU, so we made a couple especially for her using the happy monster fabric I bought in Yuzawaya in Tokyo.

I caught up on day 30 by adding 3 items.

The butterfly came from my stash. The sunflower is a pattern by Maggie’s Crochet (US terminology). There are also links to right and left hand video tutorials.

I could only find a chart for the pansy initially, so I made mine from that and had to guess a bit as I wasn’t that great at reading them. Afterwards I found the pattern at Cut Out + Keep.

One of the bonuses of doing this display was that I learned a lot of new techniques, tried things I never would have tried before, and did eventually get better at reading charts!

More lockdown diary to come!

*This group is still going and still needs help.

Pattern list:
Easter chick pattern from Crochet 365 Knit Too.
Bumblebee pattern from sonspopkes.com.
Flower pattern is the Wagon Wheel crochet flower by Bhooked.
Ear saver/mask adapter without buttons pattern by Melu Crochet.
Girl gnome pattern from Stella’s Yarn Universe.
Mushroom appliqué pattern from Genuine Mudpie.
Scrubs bag tutorial for making one without an overlocker by Daisynics Recipes & DIY Crafts.
Sunflower pattern by Maggie’s Crochet with links to right and left hand video tutorials.
Pansy pattern at Cut Out + Keep.

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