Lockdown Display Roundup Days 31 – 40

This is part 4 of my roundup of all the free patterns I used in my 2020 lockdown window display. If you want to catch up on earlier posts, here are part 1, part 2 and part 3. A summary list of the patterns and tutorials used is included at the bottom of each post.

Day 31: I really wanted a bluebird of happiness on my window display, but the one that I had was a bit too heavy and was pulling the curtain down. I liked this one as a replacement, but could only find the chart and no original source.

As usual with me and charts, a certain amount of guesswork, improvisation, and just plain old ignoring the bits I couldn’t make sense of went on. Here’s original birdy and his replacement.

Day 32: I bookmarked this cute cat granny square pattern from Pony McTate* ages ago. For the display, I just pinched the cat part.

My cat’s colouring is inspired by Kismet, the sweetest, tiniest kitty who adopted two of my best friends. Kismet is much less grumpy than this one!*

This is such a handy pattern. I made quite a few crochet cards using it.

Day 33: Ran out of spoons. No window update.

Day 34: Found this entire free crochet alphabet from Moogly! (US terminology) Made a little tribute to the NHS and all the other key workers keeping us all safe, fed, looked after and healthy.

I made two of each letter, crocheted around the edges, and stuffed them slightly. I counted this as 3 items, one for day 33, one because I replaced the bluebird but didn’t add an extra item, and one for day 34!

Day 35: A spring garden needs some sweet peas. Video tutorial from Ophelia.

The leaf didn’t make it onto the display yet.

Day 36 – 37: Found a fantastic stag beetle pattern on Ravelry by Charlotte (aka flottelotte236). This one was a challenge, as there are quite a few parts. Totally worth it, though! It took me 2 days to complete, and this time I didn’t try to make it up to one item per day. Sometimes you have to cut yourself a break.

My partner found just the right beads in the stash for his eyes. He really came to life when they were stitched on! I haven’t quite done the pattern justice, but he still remains one of my favourite makes from this project.

Day 38: Looked for a quick and easy make, used this little ladybird pattern from Attic24.

Day 39: Since I felt like I was going a little batty, this itty bitty bat pattern from Lucy Ravenscar seemed appropriate. Love the use of popcorn stitches for the ears, saves making extra pieces!

I felt like my body was too short and added a few extra rows. Now it might be a bit too long. 🙄 I freestyled a leafy branch for her to hang from.

Day 40: an appliqué hedgehog from Repeat Crafter Me. There are actually 26 free crochet animal appliqué patterns, one for each letter of the alphabet! So cool!

Hope you are enjoying seeing all the amazing free patterns out there. More to come with the next post!

*A lot of my critters are came out looking grumpy or worried. I was clearly putting a lot of myself into my crochet. 😉

Pattern list:

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