Lockdown Display Roundup Days 75 – 84

This is part 8, the final part (for now) of my 2020 lockdown crochet diary, including a roundup of all the free patterns I used in my window display for days 75 – 84. If you want to catch up on earlier posts, here are part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4, part 5, part 6 and part 7. A summary list of the patterns and tutorials used is included at the bottom of each post.

Day 75: Had my eye on this supercute mallard duck pattern from Kerri’s Crochet for a little while. Needed more stuff to go in the crochet collage’s sky, so I elongated the body a little bit, and went full kitsch with this British icon.

It’s really hard sewing things on straight on the crochet background, so the last little guy is kind of doing his own thing. Good for him.

Day 76 – 82: Wanted to make this Norbert the Dragon pattern from Jazmo Crochet, and turn him into a Welsh dragon to join my other flying critters.

This was another one of those makes where I could have gone on tinkering, but had to call it a day. Slowed down a bit on the lockdown window as I was trying to finish off some promised items and get back to some of my own makes for sale.

Day 83: Only two days until the end of lockdown and I can’t leave the display without one of my favourite British creatures, a fox! It’s still exciting to see them, like a glimpse of the real wild (although I saw more in London than I ever do in semi-rural suburbia). Here’s a lovely pattern for a teeny standing fox from Ravelry user HelloRobinHi.

My fox’s paws and legs look a little clumsier, but I was using a mix of DK and Aran yarn. As always, any messes are mine, not the pattern.

Day 84: Last crochet make for the lockdown window display. And I haven’t put a dog in the crochet garden yet! So I want a representation of my own girl, the Hellbeast.

Looked for a free wolf pattern to base my make on, and found that SweetSofties had one, but it’s knitted! (My knitting is abysmal.) But it’s so lovely. The wolf was made using Ravely user B. Humphrey’s free Pocket Fox pattern.

As this was my last make for the window, I was up for the challenge of some knitting, and then I saw that the finished fox is 16cm long. I just did not have that much room left 😦

In the end, decided to use the standing fox pattern I used the day before as a guideline and freestyle it. I cheated a bit on my mini Hellbeast’s face using stitching and gathering to shape her muzzle And of course, I decided to use BLACK EYELASH YARN because that’s always a good idea.*

Here’s the orginal one and only Hellbeast, and her mini me.

*It is the devil.

The last thing I wrote on twitter was, “She and the fox will be put on the lockdown window tomorrow.”

I’m sorry to tell you that wasn’t true. I realised I would need to move a lot of things around to fit them on. And while the crochet collage was down, I started fixing up all the other things I wanted to do with it. Then other makes took priority and the fox and the mini Hellbeast still haven’t made it back on to the collage. However, I intend to fix this in February 2021!

I hope you enjoyed this crochet diary round up, and found some patterns to inspire you. I learned a lot, had a lot of fun, and felt like it was keeping me sane while I was putting something out into the world. I hope other people enjoyed it too.

Meanwhile, I am starting a new lockdown window for 2021. I will still be using all free patterns, posting on Facebook, twitter and instagram, and doing regular roundups on this blog. So come back soon!

If this inspires you to make your own, I’d love to see! I will be sharing with #lockdownwindow2021.

Pattern summary list:

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