Lockdown Display Roundup Days 51 – 60

This is part 6 of my 2020 lockdown crochet diary, including a roundup of all the free patterns I used in my window display. If you want to catch up on earlier posts, here are part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4 and part 5. A summary list of the patterns and tutorials used is included at the bottom of each post.

Day 51: The plan to alternate making plants and animals went out the window because I wanted to make Totoro with this perfect appliqué pattern by Mailla Lenvers. Just one teeny problem – it’s in French. And my ‘O’ level (O stands for old) didn’t really cover crochet stitches. Hey ho, nothing ventured nothing gained. Had been using crochet terminology look up tables to figure it out, but got to the end of the pattern and used google translate for a complicated sentence. Nice surprise – it translates the crochet stitches too (into US terms).

My crojo was still on the blink, and Totoro got a puffy tummy that doesn’t sit flat (not sure why.) I think the pattern uses sequins for eyes. Ended up embroidering mine as I couldn’t find any buttons I liked. Put him in the cherry blossom tree with the squirrel. He seemed quite at home there.

Day 52: Look at this fab tree of life mandala from Morale Fiber. It reminded me of a gnarled old oak, and the root systems of some of the ancient trees at Avebury. I improvised a bit with the roots, and the final round on the branches because I didn’t want a circle around it. Then I freestyled some leaves.

Day 53: Sky was still looking a bit empty, used a quick and easy flying seagull appliqué by Amanda B on Ravelry for today. In fact, I made a flock of seagulls. Wishing I had a photograph?

Day 54: Inspired by poppies blooming in the garden, went in search of a pattern. Found this one by Vera Matrebo on Ravelry.

Days 54 – 58: I’m so enjoying watching the Mr. Lumpy and friends wildlife videos on Facebook. Decided to do a little tribute for the lockdown display. Found this wonderful badger face appliqué from Badger & Bramble, designed for National Badger Day. Freestyled a body. It took 3 – 4 goes, and I still ended up pleating his legs a little because I made them too long, and adding an extra round to his body at the last minute because his head looked too big. Made him a pink “gateway to Narnia” arch inspired by the one that the Lumpy family use to get into the garden.

Had to move a few things around on the crochet collage to fit my badger in where I wanted him. This was one of those makes where I wasn’t quite satisfied I’d got it right, and could have gone on tinkering forever if I didn’t draw a line under it and call it finished. It had to count for 4 days work.

Days 59 & 60: Realised my window display has national flowers for England (rose) and Wales (daffodil), so I thought I’d complete the set.

This fun (Scottish) thistle pattern by Learn Crochet By The Sea includes a pompom, so had to make it. (It also has very soothing background wave noises.) Used my smallest pompom maker, not a piece of card.

Also picked this pretty shamrock pattern by Golden Lucy Crafts for Ireland.

So, 60 days in and I’d tried out 43 free new crochet patterns by other designers, designed a few simple ones myself, and made NHS scrubs bags and crochet ear savers/mask adapters. I didn’t nail everything I attempted, but I’d tried lots of new things! And there are still more to come.

Pattern summary list:

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